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4Feb, 2020

The Soprano laser arrives in Nice !

4 February, 2020|

3Jun, 2019

The practice is mooving to Nice !

3 June, 2019|

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Doctor Jean-Paul Foumentèze

  • Exclusive pratice of Aesthetic Medicine for more than 25 years

  • IUD of “Médecine Morphologique et Anti-Age” (University of Medicine from Paris)

  • Lecturer at the University of Medicine of Paris

  • 1 500 thread lift performed since 2002

The aesthetic doctor caries, before any other, a duty of honesty and professionalism for his patient. By mastering anatomical truths of the face and body, he comes out of the marketing rut to only rely on the scientific rigor. Consequently, only the fundamental rests, the medical logic behind an act understood by the patient and a quality result achieved in true transparency.

Besides its effectiveness, a result should always be judged on its natural. This is the very heart of our discipline. Make disappear the traces of time without leaving those of the doctor. Nonsurgical modern techniques now offer this luxury. This is however possible only taking height to consider a face in its entirety, not create perception gap between the treated area and the rest, but also by abandoning all systematism. A winkle does not automatically mean an injection. Such reasoning is inherently inconsistent with the uniqueness of each face, of each patient, and leaves no more room for the necessary listening.”

Dr. Jean-Paul Foumentèze

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