A true medical facelift at 40 without surgery or scar

This is a post from Doctor Foumenteze’s blog

Between 40 and 50 years, no woman is seriously considering the use of a surgical facelift. It is too aggressive, too disabling, but also a scary synonym of the inexorable advance of the year: “I’m too young for a facelift.”

However, many women are concerned by the emerging blur of their oval or their cheekbones. They want to tighten the oval which becomes less perfect or lift the cheekbone which flattens by dragging to the nasolabial fold. To sum up, to achieve the promise of so-called “contours” creams but whom the effect is unfortunately not at the rendez-vous.

Contrary to what certain have claimed, even if they effectively fill the folds, wrinkles and hollow due to age, injection techniques and fillers cannot reasonably have a lifting effect. The law of gravity is not a matter of filling or cream, but suspension.

This is why for many years an effective medical technology, safe and sustainable brings an elegant and natural answer to facial ptosis: the notched threads.

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Maligned and little known in France because of a bad teaching, and thus poor performances, this technique knows a current boom in Asia where women have more sensitive skin regarding to the 40 years ptosis.

In France, very few doctors or surgeons are truly interested in the subject, wrongly considering the notched thread like a modest waiting and ephemeral solution before the surgical facelift.

This is not at all the case. Well performed, with really elastic threads, this technique offers better results than a surgical facelift, moreover without any risk:

  • More natural because not freezing facial features,
  • More sustainable because easily retensed afetr a few years,
  • Without scar,
  • Without any risk of paralysis or sequel unlike surgery and scalpel,
  • Without any risk to health thnaks to the threads using the safe technology of the sutures,
  • And finally completely reversible, the threads can be removed from of the face if the patient wishes it, regardless of the time elapsed since the intervention.