Exclusive in France: Find the pleasure of walking in high heels again

This is a post from Doctor Foumenteze’s blog

Fashionnable for a decade , the high heel is unparalleled to magnify thewoman silhouette, but at the cost of burns and instabilities feet progressively worse .

Over the years and an extended wear of high heels, plantar sponginess, subject to a transfer of body weight to the front-foot , atrophy and lose their function of damping and balancing the foot.

So far, despite many attempts , the mechanical component of sponginess has never been able to be reproduced . The orthopedic sole remained the only possible answer .

Working with a podiatrist with a quasi – unique equipment in France can be a highly accurate diagnosis of the treatment area :

– Baropodometric analysis on a platform consisting of 16,000 sensors shows the average and maximum pressures for each foot (excess pressure and pain)

– Stabilometric analysis determines the overall proprioceptive activity  (balance and stability of the foot)

Thus, the treatment becomes as clear as it is revolutionary : inject hyaluronic acid suitable for feet into the thinned sponginess area.

The injection is painless (local anesthesia), and precise since controlled by baropodometry.

The correction is immediate providing comfort and stability in a final 48 hours for a period of one year.

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