Finally some results to firm up skin on the abdomen and buttocks

This is a post from Doctor Foumenteze’s blog

Despite a healthy lifestyle combining a muscle maintenance and a balanced diet, relaxation of the body’s skin was often difficult to fight.

Many treatments were attempted : cosmetology with the so-called ” firming ” creams, the scalpel certainly effective but with an over penalizing scar. No proposal was really satisfactory .

Today, treatment with Acoustic Wave changed all that : effective, non-invasive, painless.

These shock waves are acoustic waves having a very high level of energy, delivered in a very short time , ensuring compression and decompression of the tissue between 10 and 30 times per second.

These waves will destroy the most rigid structures in the subcutaneous tissue, thus mainly the fibrotic areas rapidly improving cellulitical appearance, said orange-peel skin, smoothing the skin, even for thin or sports people.

The second effect of this vibration energy transmitted to the surface structures by shock waves is improving lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. Several medical studies have shown objectively a toning of the tissues and improvement of skin laxity. More subjectively, a feeling of well being and massage is also described by patients.

Finally, deeper, stretching the fascia and muscle fibers will eliminate shortening and muscle hardening points: the muscles regain their normal state of tension.

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