Smooth absorbable biostimulation threads : a SUPER mesotherapy for SUPER moisturizing

This is a post from Doctor Foumenteze’s blog

Very popular among young Asian women for 2 years, a new type of smooth absorbable threads for facial aesthetics quietly arrives in France .

In fact it is not a new thread, but more accurately a new use of a well-known , as already used for decades for absorbable surgical suture thread.

This is a smooth thread, made of polydioxanone, that resolves completely within 6 months by hydrolysis. That means it will create a small swelling by hydration .

The threads are implanted under local anesthesia, at the cheek, in tight mesh to not let unstimulated areas. Around 15-20 per cheeks. Indeed the cheek turns out to be the best indication, neck and décolleté most rarely.

Throughout the period of resorption ( 4-6 months) , the threads will be the source of a beautiful skin hydration, higher than any techniques of moisturising by mesotherapy known until today. The patient would experience a significant improvement in the texture of his skin.

Absolutely safe, the technique can be repeated every 4-6 months.

However, it is important to provide a good makeup or a small quiet period because of a non-negligible probability of bruises during the days following the installation of the threads.

It should be noted that these are threads are smooth . They are not notched son (or suspension). We must be clear on the fact that no elevation action on tissue ptosis should be expected.

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