The absorbable threads SILHOUETTE SOFT®, a facelift from the age of 30

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Until now, there was no real solution for young women aged 30 to 40 who want to regain their 20 years old facial oval. For such women, there was no way to ask about surgical facelift: they have neither the time nor the motivation. The scalpel and the scar that accompanies remain two major obstacles, in addition to results sometimes unnatural of a technique associated with a more advanced age.

In contrast, women aged 45 and over benefits from the technique of notched and permanent suspension for years now. It is also called tensor threads. This technique, without surgery thus without scar, offers a beautiful alternative to surgical facelift and the results that we know today effective, natural and actually very durable (almost permanent with the possible retightening).

Now, this quality of result is available of these thirty years old women through absorbable suspension threads made of cones and named SILHOUETTE SOFT®. Especially in their EXTENDED version with 20 cones instead of the traditional 8. They bring a long-awaited answer by effectively correcting the first signs of facial aging : the beginning of imperfection of the oval and the birth of the flattening of the cheekbone.

SILHOUETTE BEAUTY©, the company which created the classic SILHOUETTE SOFT® threads, responded positively to my request to produce EXTENDED SILHOUETTE SOFT® thread . This unique thread is approximately 20 cm, against the 8 cm of its classic version. This is exactly this length, combined with the intrinsic qualities of this thread (20 cones 2 mm thick), which gives it a much greater ability to support and then allows him to approach the quality of the results of the permanent threads.

Indeed, the SILHOUETTE SOFT® classic thread is too short to produce the lifting effect desired by patients. They only have the effect to tighten tissues on themselves. So if they offer a beautiful restoration of the rounded shape of the cheekbone and the cheek, they will by no means clear the nasolabial fold or tighten an oval.

The results are surprisingly natural without burdening the facial features, unfortunately at the contrary of some fillers. Discretion is absolute.

Finally, the results have now reached a very satisfactory sustainability of 8 to 12 months, after which the thead is fully absorbed and has completely disappeared from the face.

The strengths :

– Placement under local anesthesia (1 hour maximum);
– No stopping of social or professional life;
– Price between 1200 and 1800 euros;
– Immediate results stable during 1 year;
– Renewable intervention as many times as wished.

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