The revolution for black skins: the medical facelift by tensor threads

This is a post from Doctor Foumenteze’s blog

Surgical facelift has always been contraindicated for people of color because of the major risk of hypertrophic scar. It is unfortunately still the case today: technological evolution has not change this. Indeed, either the surgeon uses a traditional scalpel, that is to say with a mechanical blade, or a modern one based on radio frequency, the incision remains the number one enemy of the black skin.

This limit seemed particularly unfair knowing that unlike fine Caucasian skin, wrinkling quickly but insensitive to sagging tissue, colored skins are insensitive to wrinkles but undergo significant ptosis at the cheekbones and jowls.

Until the late 2000′s, there was therefore no technique to reposition sagging facial tissues. People with black skin were forced to accept an aging appearance conversely their mindset remained young and dynamic. Worse, one often offered to them injections of fillers with adverse consequences such as systematic enlargement of their face and sagging of the volume injected only a few months later. Then impossible to regain a youthful and natural appearance.

Looking to this failure of cosmetic surgery and injections diversion, useful in other circumstances, aesthetic medicine has progressed to provide the solution for black skins: medical facelift by suspension threads.

Scalpel free as requiring only a single needle of 1.5 mm in diameter, the facelift by suspension threads is a medical procedure. This incision free technique therefore never produces any scar and thus any risk of keloid.

This medical facelift without surgery, provides for the first time a safe and effective treatment against sagging tissues of ethnic skin. Thanks to the settlement technique EasyLift ® coupled to a French thread, effective without being aggressive, the patients gain a 10 years facial rejuvenation guaranteed over time, with the assurance of a natural result and total discretion.

After 8 years practicing and teaching this technique, I can scientifically assure that this faceflit, when conducted by a properly trained physician, is as effective as a surgical facelift, more durable, and especially without any risk of scar for every types of skin.

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