Early fall of the face, there is a solution

This is a post from Doctor Foumenteze’s blog

At 28/30 years old  or sometimes as early as 25 years old, some women and men find an early fall of their cheekbones and their cheeks.

Unrelated to any illness or special fatigue, this aspect “look bad” in their face is due to heredity they already know in other family members.

Is it a reasonable request at this age?

This request is neither excessive nor irrational. It must be heard, understood and answered.

What to do?

Despite a justified request of the patients, no serious doctor would only consider at this age a surgical facelift.

The physical means (laser, ultrasound, radiofrequency, shock wave) are totally ineffective.

Botox injections are unnecessary since it is no excessive muscle contractions; while hyaluronic acid injections or other volumizing products are scientific nonsense, since the patients show absolutely no shortage of volume but just require to reposition it.

One technique today can effectively meet this demand and it is the facelift by permanent suspension threads. Indeed, this medical facelift will reposition gently early falling tissues. The patient will sustainably find back the oval of his face as well as the original form of his cheekbones.

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