Pull up eyebrows and forehead skin, thread lift is perfectly capable of

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Tensor threads are now provided with high precision notches/cogs effective while remaining gentle on tissue. These cogs provide the ability to work very fine and very precise areas requiring great delicacy in the gesture. Thanks to this technological evolution, we finally have a tool for non-surgical treatment of the upper third of the face. We can raise low eyebrows or treat sagging skin of the forehead.

1) Raise the eyebrows

For many years, the elevation of the eyebrows was only possible by using surgical techniques such as temporal lift or the technique calledthe dummy clip.” So we had to necessarily go through the knife and removing a piece of skin next to the hair. The use of tensor thread, whose notches were not of sufficient quality, always resulted in a too modest effect and especially not lasting.

This is not the case anymore. Modern notched tensor threads allow to perfectly open the eyes of the patient and back the tail of the eyebrows, according to his desires. Proper positioning raises eyebrows maintaining a natural face without freezing the facial expressions, unlike Botox.

2) Reposition sagging tissues of the forehead

If surgery was a good solution to raise eyebrows, before modern tensor threads, it was not exactly the case for the sagging skin of the forehead. There was certainly the forehead lift. However, it was almost abandoned because of the bald area frequently appearing at the scar located in the first centimeters of hair implantation.

Thus, thread lift represents the only solution, without risk of baldness or other related to the incision, to sustainably and efficiently reposition the forehead skin, particularly over the bridge of the nose. This medical procedure is unique in its ability to correct the glabella ptosis[1].

In both cases, the post-operational effects are gentle and quick :

  • No ecchymosis,
  • Nearly no pain,
  • Little oedema during 3 to 4 days

This intervention benefiting the upper third is offered by itself, associated with the treatment of the eyelids or in conjunction with a facial threadlift used to reposition your cheekbones and get back your oval.

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[1] Glabella : part of the frontal bone between the eyebrows and above the nose.