Profiloplasty or unconscious perception of beauty

This is a post from Doctor Foumenteze’s blog

We are able to give the approximate age of a face several meters away from it well before analyzing the presence or absence of wrinkles.

How ? By the unconscious analysis of the silhouette of the face by our brain that allows us to tell us with a certain accuracy the age of this person.

This subject has become fundamental in a field, artistic but also scientific, such as aesthetic medicine. The restoration of the contours of our face is certainly the fundamental point of our goal, whether it is embellishment or anti-aging.

The mathematical approach with the famous gold number associated with erudite formulas has been in the spotlight for a decade. As well as references to some of our most illustrious geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo.

Without questioning this theorized vision of Absolute Beauty, I think we can achieve our goal with a pragmatic analysis of the situation of each face.

A face synonymous with youth and good health is full, rounded and homogeneous. There is no demarcation between the different anatomical entities that are the lower eyelid, the cheek and the upper lip. Whether face, 3/4 or profile, the light is present everywhere, on all convexities of the face and leaves no room for shade.

Over the years, the apparent unity of our tissues dissociates and gradually marks the borders corresponding to our embryonic buds. Our connective tissue proves less and less capable of curbing slippage due to gravity: concavities and folds deepen …

This identification, become obvious, makes the treatment all the more logical and effective, without the need for complex calculations.

The treatments will combine:

  • A repositioning of the superficial fatty tissue of the middle third (cheekbone) and lower (oval): the absolute basis of treatment.
  • A support: from the tip of the nose, from the lip
  • A filling of the real hollows: forehead, root of the nose, temples, dark circles, chin.