The Soprano laser arrives in Nice !

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HAIR REMOVAL LASER : The ideal solution for all people who wish to get rid of their hair permanently.


TECHNOLOGY: Its diode (810nm energy) and its contact cooling system operate a sweep (IN MOTION) and send small doses of energy at a high frequency. The continuous movement avoids pain and any risk of burns.
It is a reliable, fast and long-lasting method on all skin types, including dark skins.

WHO IS IT FOR? Women and men

DURATION: varies according to the surface to be treated

NUMBER OF SESSIONS: varies according to each person, plan between 5 and 10 sessions on average.

The laser targeting the root of the hair, depilation with wax, depilatory cream or tweezers is to be avoided in the month preceding a session and during the entire treatment period.
It is also necessary to avoid any tanning session by U.V. and any exposure to the sun 15 days before and after a laser session.

SURFACES TREATED: face and body.

PRICES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Go to the “Hair Removal” page of the site by clicking HERE.