Aesthetic medicine after 50

At 50, no one wants to look like a famous actress or rejuvenate exaggeratedly to 20 years. Innovative aesthetic medicine techniques allow, without surgery, to regain an appearance of good health and well-being while remaining oneself. They sustainably and naturally rebalance the signs of morphological aging ahead a few years in relation to the psychological feeling.

Find here the treatments for the face, like the stained skin or folds of the neck, and body, such as stained hands.

Face: prevention of dehydration (Mesotherapy and Biostimulation), skin cells rejuvenation

Stained or very wrinkled skin: deep deletion of wrinkles and aging spots

Forehead and around the eyes: treatment of mid wrinkles

Inferior eyelid slightly wrinkled: fine wrinkles treatment

Inferior eyelid highly wrinkled: wrinkles deletion

Eye circles: filling and treatment

Tired look: restoration of volume under the eyes

Nose: bump or falling tip

Nasolabial fold and bitterness fold slightly visible: fillers

Nasolabial fold and bitterness fold highly visible:repositioning of the sagged tissues

Lips : volume enhancement if too thin, redesign of outlines

Loosening of the facial oval: correcting the oval

Neck and décolleté : rejuvenation

Stained hands: erasure of the spots

Emaciated hands: volume add

Belly, hips, thighs, back and arms: slimming with cryolipolysis