Aesthetic Medicine before 30

An aesthetic demand at this age, before 30 years, can surprise the entourage, involving, understandably but wrongly, the notion of precocity with the excess. This has the unfortunate effect of making the patient feeling guilty and hesitate to see his doctor.

1. This result is primarily harmful because it is the best age for prevention. Indeed, early check allows to raise awareness of the negative lifestyle for aging, to change sustainably, and so limit the use of any subsequent interventions.

2. Furthermore, the results aesthetic medicine are now perfectly natural, when it is used intelligently. There is no scientific reason to wait a certain age before getting rid of small defects disrupting your well-being everyday, concerning the face or body.

Face: prevention of dehydration (Mesotherapy and Biostimulation), correcting the oval

Forehead and around the eyes: prevention of wrinkles appearance

Nose: bump or falling tip

Lips : volume enhancement if too thin, redesign of outlines

Belly, hips, thighs, back and arms: slimming with cryolipolysis