Cellulite and Orange peel effect

Over the years, in spite of daily physical effort and flawless food hygiene, cellulite and sagging skin develop gradually over women’s bodies, including thinner ones. It is due to a weakening of connective tissue and touches only the women as discussed immediately below.

Where does the cellulite come from ?

Fat cells, also called adipocytes, are contained under the dermis, between the connective fibers. When humans gain weight (less than 20% of their total weight in a short time), these cells do not multiply but swell. The volume of lipids which they contain increases. As they grow, adipocytes will then occupy more space and compress the connective fibers, giving a rounded shape to the part parallel to the skin (dermis and epidermis). This is what will give the skin the padded form more commonly known as orange peel or cellulite. A man with weight gain does not produce the same inconvenience as its connective fibers are oblique and not parallel to the skin.

Classical and non-medical treatments

  • Anti-cellulite creams
  • Manual draining massage
  • Mechanical massages such as Cellu-M6
  • Power Plate
  • SPORT : Well above all other treatments, regular and prolonged sport remains the ultimate weapon in the fight against the appearance of cellulite. It is also, unfortunately, the most tedious.

These conventional solutions achieve honorable results and represent a relevant alternative when you do not want to pass the course of the medical act. However, they remain behind in view of the impressive results obtained with cryolipolysis, in terms of treatment, sport being preventive.

Unfortunately, even cryolipolysis, which is a medical procedure, remains far behind the impressive results obtained by liposuction. The latter is a surgical procedure and therefore not performed in Dr Foumentèze’s office.

The surgical solution: the liposuction

The liposuction is the only solution really effective

“Although many hopes have long been placed on cryolipolysis, I do not find that the results obtained can be compared with those of liposuction. The plaque system on the patient’s skin does not destroy the fat evenly and can lead to an unsightly result. That is why, my advice is to consult your plastic surgeon who will be the only one to give you complete satisfaction if you want to get rid of cellulite. »

Dr Jean-Paul Foumentèze