Hands rejuvenation

Even more than the face, hands are under constant assault by the cold, the sun, and products from all origins. A shaped face or body can be betrayed by aging hands. Aesthetic medicine provides a natural result and sustainably address the two signs of aging such as age spots (1) and gaunt appearance (2.).

1. Treatment of brown spots on hands

The sun, cause of their appearance:

Brown spots begin to appear on the skin of hands from 40. Their origin comes from the melanin deposit made in excess by the melanocytes in the dermis.

The main cause of this excess melanin is the frequent and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

It may also happen that these spots appear due to the practice of a too concentrated chemical peel or without adequate sun protection afterwards.

4 treatments are effective on brown spots with similar results:

The most appropriate treatment will be selected by the physician or in combination, depending on each patient. (Note that the Cryotherapy is not practiced by the office of Dr. Foumentèze)

Result: almost complete disappearance of the spots

  • The result is excellent because almost all brown spots of the hands disappear after 10-15 days.
  • Also this disappearance is durable (several years) if the prevention of recidivism is performed correctly by applying sun protection after the intervention.

Some small crusts will be noticeable at the location of the treated spots, according to their original depth during the 10-15 days following treatment.

2. Treatment of emaciated aspect of the hands

Aging, the natural cause:

External aggression but even more aging will have a strong impact on the appearance of the back of the hand. The smooth and taut skin of our 20 years will gradually let appear the course of the vessels and tendons.

Sometimes weight loss also play a role in this gaunt appearance.

Filler injection is an effective and absolutely painless treatment:

The treatment consists of a densification of subcutaneous tissue by a filler, the hyaluronic acid.

The filler is injected without any pain. It is then massaged to be distributed harmoniously in the subcutaneous tissue making totally disappear the emaciated aspect of the hand.

Result: effective, natural and immediate

  • Thanks to treatment with filler, back of the hand is naturally and immediately pulped.
  • Sustainability is also honorable as the result of quality is maintained between 6 months and 1 year.