Filler injections (Hyaluronic acid)

Hyaluronic acid, the gold standard

Well injected, it will be effective on the most specific areas requiring low volumes

  • Lips: increase volume if too thin, restoration pulp and hem design
  • Fine facial wrinkles: forehead, crow’s feet and cheek

As in areas requiring volume in depth

  • Eye circles: filling
  • Temple: filling
  • Cheekbones: disappearance of tired facial appearance
  • Nasolabial folds and marionette lines: filling
  • Chin: correcting a receding chin
  • Mandibular line: regularity

Over these thin areas, the result will last between 6 and 9 months.

Over these more important areas, the result will last between 12 to 18 months.

An absolutely safe product:

Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in our body. It can therefore never cause any intolerance or create allergic reactions.

This is a product totally absorbable. Moreover, it is still possible to correct an injection in large quantities with another product called hyaluronidase” and destroying, safely and instantly superfluous hyaluronic acid.

Free check-up is in place 3 to 4 days after the injection, to validate the results and correct, if necessary, with hyaluronidase or even adding a little volume.

Finally this is a product with many brands of high quality: Juvederm (Ultra-smile, Voluma) Uvederm, Restilane, Emervel, Theosyal, etc.

The other volumizing products are of lower quality. Collagen is for example less effective and products that are not absorbable are less accurate since it is impossible to rework the injection during the inspection visit. Other products may also be dangerous, as Dermalife or Artecoll which present a risk of occurrence of definitive inflammatory granuloma. This is why hyaluronic acid is the reference product in every respect.

Price :

The price of these hyaluronic acid injections depends on the zone to be treated, as well as the filler volume to be injected.