Loosening of the oval/contours of the face

Which solution without surgery ?

The face loosening is undoubtedly one of the great chalenges of Aesthetic Medicine for the next decade, at a time when effective solution such as the traditional surgical facelift seems to leave more and more reluctant patients.

A medical technique is now established as a real answer through the natural and the sustainability of its results, without risk, without surgery and in full discretion.

1) The injections, just some complements

Brought to the Pantheon of modern Aesthetic Medicine and unfortunately often seen as the ultimate weapon, the filler injections have undergone a recent trend that has not rendered service or patient or to themselves. The injections were erected in central processing of replacing the traditional facelift, effective but surgical and thus scaring any patient under 50 years. Result of this, an over-use of injections caused many dissatisfactions and started to bring into disrepute the yet relevant hyaluronic acid. This trend is explained by a lack, now corrected, of alternative non-surgical but effective technique.

The rupture of the oval can be perfectly explained medically. This is the result of the sagging of subcutaneous fat ending up, simply because of the gravity, lower in the face. The same cause produces the appearance of nasolabial folds or the marionette lines.

It is easy to understand that the right solution is to put this fat in its original position. Unfortunately, for a long time, only the surgical facelift permitted it. The whole world steered itself to the fillers injection (based on hyaluronic acid) allowing to fill the hollows appearing after the fat sagging. The face seemed younger and with sharper contours. Nevertheless and logically, this addition of volume in a face that still has all its fat, just in the wrong place, always has the effect of widening the face. A fortiori if these injections are performed as the main act and with large volumes. Pictures like that just below are proof of this enlargement, visible to the naked eye, making the face heavier and masculine.

To reason the other extreme would be equally stupid. The injections are neither useless nor negative. They perfectly fill the hollow around the jowls and provide a perfect finish to the line of the mandible and the various lines of the face. It should simply therefore use them for specific areas and in addition to a technical addressing the real cause of the problem, sagging subcutaneous tissues: the thread lift.

2) Absorbable thread lift

This is tensor threads tailored to younger patients between 30 and 45, and whose rupture of the oval is only beginning to emerge.

The absorbable tensor threads, with effective cones, now have sufficient length (16 cm) to make a real repositioning of the sagging fat and offer a very significant result. Here is a summary of their qualifications (that you can read in details in the dedicated page of the website by clicking here) :

  • They offer the patient a rejuvenating appearance about 3 years;
  • They will maintain their result between 9 and 12 months;
  • They are perfectly biocompatible and bioabsorbable;
  • The procedure lasts an hour and assumes no cessation of activity or of social life;
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia;
  • The intervention involves no mark or bruising or swelling.

The absorbable threads are therefore a highly relevant treatment to correct an oval starting to relax, while keeping in mind their limitations especially in terms of durability of the result. Permanent threads allow, meanwhile, to exceed these limits.

To visit the page dedicated to absorbable thread lift, click here

3) Permanent thread lift

Permanent threads are suitable for any type of patient, the breakdown of their oval being new or highly pronounced. They also erase the parallel phenomena in the loss of the oval, namely the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

More powerful, while remaining soft and atraumatic, than the absorbable threads, they come with silicone notches ensuring optimal repositioning of sagged tissues. Here is a summary of their qualifications (that you can find in details in the permanent thread lift dedicated page by clicking here) :

  • They offer the patient a rejuvenating appearance ranging from 5 to 10 years;
  • They maintain a perfect result over 10 years (without limit through the retension);
  • They are totally biocompatible;
  • The intervention only assumes a 3 to 8 days social withdrawal;
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, without hospitalization;
  • The procedure is open to all and never causes any scarring, bruising or allergy.

Permanent threads today provide a result comparable to the traditional facelift, but without surgery and therefore scar-free and without risk. The result, always natural and unobtrusive, offering the patient a recovered oval for over 10 years. Revascularized, the patient’s skin also regain its tone and complexion lost over time.

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