Mesotherapy and Biostimulation – Radiance and skin tone

Results never reached with cosmetic creams

Tonus, revitalization, radiance, are the eternal purposes of cosmetic care. Unfortunately creams can not cross the barrier of the epidermis and therefore can not act on the mechanisms underlying tone and radiance of the skin.

Two medical techniques bring now real results against dull complexion and fine lines, by rehydrating the skin and improving its texture, thanks to the targeting of specific skin layers: the revitalization mesotherapy (sometimes called mesolift, since there is no lift effect) (1.) and absorbable threads of biostimulation (2.).

1) Revitalization (Mesotherapy) : against the dull complexion and the fine wrinkles

Revitalization through the technique of mesotherapy involves injecting a solution of hyaluronic acid, for its moisturizing abilities, as well as vitamins and anti-oxidants.

This technique can be used for the face but also the neck and décolleté. It is indicated for the prevention of aging to restore tone and radiance to the skin, or to reduce fine lines. It effectively fights against the dullness of facial skin due to its moisturizing power. Conversely, it does not face lift and should lose his misnomer of Mesolift.

Each session consists of multiple small injections on the treatment area. It will be necessary to perform 3 sessions 1st month, then 1 session every 3 months.

  • Nice hydration of the skin
  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Immediate effect
  • No pain
  • Without any mark on the face
  • Without cons-indication

2) Absorbable threads of biostimulation : for maximum hydration

These threads, smooth and thin, are made of polydioxanone. This material is resorbed naturally in the body, within 6 months, by a phenomenon called hydrolysis and meaning “alteration by water.” During this time the hydrolysis will therefore benefit the skin texture by causing optimal hydration of the tissues.

This technique is most useful at the cheek and, rarely, in the neck and chest.

The installation of these threads is done under local anesthesia, in the subcutaneous tissue, with a dense network of tens of small threads. The suites are very gentle since the technique is absolutely non-surgical and therefore can not cause any scarring or no alteration. Only slight bruising are possible, certainly not serious but can be socially annoying for a few days.

  • Maximum moisturizing of the skin
  • Very important improvement of skin texture
  • Immediate effect
  • Slight pain easily treated by simple analgesic
  • Under local anesthesia
  • Without cons-indication

Attention, these threads have nothing to do with the tensor threads. You must not expect any elevation of the lowered tissues.