Nose – Medical rhinoplasty

Each nose is unique. To be defined as being pretty, it must be in harmony with the entire face. And an aquiline nose, a snub nose or a Greek nose will all be beautiful and give the face its character. However, sometimes the nature forgets that harmony and leaves a small imperfection of curvature or volume.

The principle of medical rhinoplasty

The medical rhinoplasty technique consists of injecting on the nose area a safe and well-known product, such as hyaluronic acid or Botox, depending on the problem suffered by the patient.

  • An injection of hyaluronic acid will allow to modify a volume or a bump, a hollow or an asymmetry
  • An injection of Botox will reduce the excessive muscular traction and thus reposition a nose angle or even raise a nose tip

The 3 effects of the medical rhinoplasty

Corrected and raised nose tip

Corrected bump

Natural result for long time

The effectiveness of any aesthetic medical technique must first be judged on two criteria: the Natural and the Sustainability of the result.

The rhinoplasty answers very good to those two criteria, with a fully natural result and a first range sustainability, from 6 months for the botox acts and until 12 months for those made of hyaluronic acid.