Aesthetic Medicine from 30 to 40

Despite an age still very young, fatigue is more quickly felt. Each individual was able to experience it past 30 years. It is therefore logical that the body begins to show the effects. The long days or celebrations can now be read on the face. The body is less forgiving excess.

Therefore, gentle techniques with natural result are best given to remedy and prevent these incipient signs of aging. Find here the treatments for the face, as the tired look or nasolabial folds, and body.

Face: prevention of dehydration (Mesotherapy and Biostimulation), skin cells rejuvenation

Forehead and around the eyes: prevention of wrinkles appearance

Eye circles: filling and treatment

Tired look: restoration of volume under the eyes

Nose: bump or falling tip

Nasolabial fold: fillers

Lips : volume enhancement if too thin, redesign of outlines

Loosening of the facial oval: correcting the oval

Belly, hips, thighs, back and arms: slimming with cryolipolysis