Aesthetic medicine for men

Long time a taboo within men because often associated with femininity, aesthetic acts are available to male today. Obviously also affected by aging than those of women, the man body and face can greatly benefit from modern medicine to enhance the masculanity. The permanent hair removal, the disappearance of dark circles or treatment against excessive sweating are all painless and effective actions available to men by modern aesthetic medicine.

Find here the treatments for the face, like dark circles or double chin and the body, such as unsightly bulges.

Look: wrinkles around the eyesand circles treatments

Nasolabial folds and hollow cheeks: filers

Tired face or prematurely marked: thread lift without surgery

Acne : acne overrun, deletion of the acne scars

Hair removal: treatment of the excessive hairiness

Bulges: slimming of the unsightly bulges

Sweating: excessive sweating treatment