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The day will come when you look into the mirror and feel as if the lower half of your face was photoshopped onto your forehead and eyes and this can’t possibly be your face. While the forehead and eyes still look relatively youthful, there’s no amount of Botox that can smoothen out sagging cheeks, hanging jowls and that slight double-chin that ruins your profile. At 50, a face lift seems like a drastic measure that can distort your face into an unnatural mask and endless shots of hyaluronic acid seem tortuous, expensive and temporary. I had the serendipity to find Dr. Foumenteze, the pioneer and foremost expert in the practice of permanent, facial thread-lifts. I appreciated his detailed and scientific explanations of the non-surgical thread- implant method and the utter lack of hyperbole about the results. Dr. Foumenteze leaves no question unanswered in his online brochure, nor in person during the consultation. While the procedure is nearly pain free, save from a few uncomfortable seconds during local anesthesia, it’s also not as pleasant as going for a gelato. However, Dr. Foumenteze and his wife, who expertly assists during the procedure as a surgical nurse, made me feel secure and unafraid during the two-and-a-half hours of implanting the threads at three tactical points in my forehead and temple areas. There are no scars at all. The swelling was hardly more disfiguring than after getting a tooth pulled. One month after the procedure, I hope nothing will ever change in the way I look now. Cheeks and chin line look much improved, fuller, without wrinkles, holes or caves. My favorite part is the oval and full chin line, which lifted my lips, made them appear youthful again and removed skin folds on my upper neck I called “chicken neck.” The best part is looking in the mirror every morning with that slight suspicion that everything might be reverting back to the “before” state again only to see the “after” is as glorious as it was after the intervention- and hopefully here to stay. I count myself a very lucky girl to have found Dr. Foumenteze.