Coloured skins: marking ones to deal gently

Too long, aesthetic medicine has failed to provide effective answers to problems specifically faced by coloured skins, Black, Asian, Mixed, yet very different from those of clear skin.

  • Poorly protected pale skin are at high risk of skin cancer
  • More protected darker skin are more susceptible to pigmentation disorders and scarring

This is no longer the case today. Thus, the doctor’s office offers 4 treatments to fit the coloured skins (Black skin, Asian, Mixed or dark) and their characteristics:

1) From 30 to 70 years old: the thread lift revolution

Fils tenseurs permanents (suspension) peau noir Dr Foumenteze Cannes 1
Fils tenseurs permanents (suspension) peau noir Dr Foumenteze Cannes 3
Fils tenseurs permanents (suspension) peau noir Dr Foumenteze Cannes 2

The different kinds of skins do not age the same way:

  • Fine Caucasian skins wrinkle rather quickly, until crumpling up
  • Thicker coloured skins wrinkle little, but mostly undergo ptosis at the cheekbones and jowls

Thus, while anti-wrinkle treatments are anecdotal for ethnic skins, lifting faculty is of great interest. There are 2 treatments with this ability: the surgical facelift and the medical thread lift.

The surgical facelift, a cons-indicated treatment for dark skins:

The surgical facelift, while very effective, has the intrinsic disadvantage of any use of a scalpel: skin cut necessarily resulting in a scar. Since Black and Asian skins suffer from a high risk of excessive, thick, hard and dark scarring: the keloid, this surgical facelift is not indicated.

Contrarily, the medical thread lift by tensor threads is perfectly suitable for dark skins.

The medical thread lift by tensor threads, the 1st facelift without any risk for dark skins:

  • No knife or incision, so no risk of scarring or keloid
  • No hospital stay (arrival of the patient just before the intervention and departure right after)
  • No general anesthesia but only local
  • Intervention in an operating room dedicated into doctor’s office
  • 100% biocompatible thread, thus never any allergy
  • Intervention using non-cutting needles (“foam tip”), therefore unable to bruise or alteration of a nerve

This thread lift is REVERSIBLE :

This is obviously the case for absorbable tensor threads since they are eliminated naturally by the body within less than a year. However, this reversibility also applies to permanent” tensor threads.

Indeed, although there is absolutely no reason for this to be considered, it is still possible to GO BACK choosing to do REMOVE THE THREADS, even years after the procedure. The thread will then be removed by your doctor and your face will simply regain its original appearance. With the injection of an anesthetic that will moisturize the subcutaneous tissues, the removal is done with ease. The thread, as during its installation, does not damage any tissue and creates no mess being extracted. There is also no major fibrosis around the thread.

The set up as the eventual withdrawal of thread leaves no trace on the patient’s face. The choice of non-surgical facelift by permanent thread is by no means a commitment for the rest of your life.

The term “permanent” can be scary and I understand that. It simply reflects the perfect biocompatibility of the product and means that it remains perfectly intact in the patient’s face.


An important rejuvenation of the face for long time:

Absorbable thread lift :

Now the absorbable” thread lift is able to offer a real and powerful effectiveness against sagging fat on the face. We find a rejuvenating facial appearance of around 3 years. They do not have the repositioning ability of permanent” thread lift adapted to the older patient but are perfectly suitable for young patients (between 30 and 45), undergoing only a beginning sag.

years of appearance

It is important to understand that the action of the absorbable” threads will have entirely disappeared between 9 to 12 months. Indeed, the resorption of polylactic acid which they are made of will be too advanced. The cones of the thread used to hold the subcutaneous tissue will be too depreciated. It is therefore a medically perfectly coherent and effective solution but we need to be aware of its limitations.

12 months

Permanent thread lift:

The “permanent” tensor threads are the most effective to position the fatty tissues of the face sagging with time. This medical facelift allows a better result than the surgical one because it is as effective as natural. The patient will benefit from a rejuvenation of his  facial appearance of about 10 years. It should be noted also that the permanent threads also offer the opportunity to treat aging neck. They are perfectly indicated from the the incipient ptosis to the most advanced, from 30 to 70 years on average.

years of appearance

To provide this level of sustainability, we now have a permanent French-made tensor thread called Infinite-Thread®. This thread is made of ultra-resistant materials and includes more than 800 notches (4 every 1.5mm) made using patented technology. This very large number of notches, their conical “anti-rotation” shape and their orientation (8 traction axes instead of 4) offer the same power to hold sagging tissues as a surgical facelift.

10 years

The insurance of natural and discretion:

Tensor threads are placed under the skin in a vertical axis. They therefore reposition the subcutaneous tissue in the upper and middle third of this same axis. Actually, this axis is the one that followed this tissue in the youth’s face. This restores a natural youthful appearance to the patient without anyone being able to notice the procedure. This advantage is made possible because the procedure does not require incision and never creates any scar. Indeed, unlike this medical thread lift, surgical traditional facelift requires pulling tissues and skin obliquely to hide the scar behind the ear, where it shows the least. Unfortunately, such an oblique axis sometimes brings unnatural result.

Vertical axis of the tensor threads

Oblique axis of surgical facelift

Moreover, the optimum discretion with the thread lift is guaranteed by the fact that:

  • Always invisible and painless threads under the skin, even to the touch;
  • The lack of “bump” under the skin making it impossible to grip your comb, the one of your hairdresser, or for your dentist to notice;
  • The speed of the procedure (3 hours of presence in the cabinet) does not force you to explain any absence;And finally the social downturns is minimal since the few pain are very well treated by analgesics for 48 to 72 hours, a total recovery of activity is possible between only 3 and 8 days after and edema disappear in 15 days (NB : Some patients have persistent small swelling, in the worst case, up to 4 weeks after installation, without this handicapping them and especially of course without pain).

French technique, training and thread:

  • A procedure invented in France in 2006 allowing a proven sustainability.
  • A french made thread, 100% biocompatible, with effective but non-aggressive notches.

  • Dr. Foumentèze having completed more than 1 500 thread lifts since 2002 and being lecturer at the Paris Faculty of Medicine.
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2) Laser hair removal: Diode laser SOPRANO, finally a laser for dark skins

Historically, medical laser hair removal or IPL has always been not suitable for coloured skins because of the principle of functioning of these devices:

  • It consists of exposing the hair to a light having a specific wavelength that will be sensed by the pigment (melanin) of dark hair. Melanin, capturing the light, will turn it into heat. This heat will then be transmitted to the hair root and it will be burned forever. Only dark hair will therefore be destroyed.
  • Unfortunately, naturally coloured skins also have melanin and therefore will absorb this light, create heat and risking even burn.

First innovation 10 years ago, the YAG laser:

The YAG laser is a laser whose wavelength is less absorbed by melanin than conventional lasers. His goal was of course to reduce the risk of skin burns.

Very effective, it is still quite painful and requires a powerful cooling system. Therefore, we can not completely eliminate the risk of burns despite notable progress.

Today, the SOPRANO laser painless and safe:

For 5 years, physicians have a laser fully adapted to every skin colors: the SOPRANO laser, absolutely painless, safe and with no risk of burn.

Laser room of Dr Foumenteze


A new wavelength finally indicated for dark skins


The wavelength of the SOPRANO laser is a breakthrough for Asian, Mixed-coloured, and Black skins. Indeed, it is much less absorbed by the melanin. This means that it no longer run the risk of the patient having burnt skin along with its hair.

Operational mode

An operational mode based on energy storage

Operational mode

Instead of sending all the energy in one shot, a very small amount of energy is sent to each shot to ensure a painless hair removal without risk of burning. This is offset by a very high firing rate of 10 rounds per second providing maximum efficiency.
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3) Eczema and acne : 80% of Black skins suffer it

How to explain ?

Dark skins are adapted to protect the body of the specific climatic conditions of hot climates, humid and very sunny. Therefore, when they are found in dry and cold climates, they suffer from dehydration.

Too dry, the skin fails to build its protective film. This creates a local inflammation, eczema. In an attempt to fight against the dry skin, and in the absence of sunlight, facial skin produces more sebum, becomes oily and acne source.

The scalp is also suffering from drought causing itching and dandruff.

A 3 steps evolution:

The blackhead (comedones): saturation of the canal draining a sebaceous gland by excessive sebum production, creating a micro cyst. A typical location is made up of small acne comedones along the scalp, forehead and temples favored by oils and waxes used for styling hair.

The white spot: painful with white head due to micro-cyst infection.

The stain: final sequel of post inflammation healing process.

The 1st treatment, prevention:

  • Blackhead : Cleaning and removing makeup with a proper soap for oily skin. No lag blackheads, that might leave a scar. Be careful not to deposit oil on the skin for hair.
  • White spot : avoid injuring the spot (may aggravate the problem), let ripen and disappear by itself; possible to makeup with cotton or paper tissues (especially not your sponges or brushes that you risk infecting)

The medical treatment, superficial peel:

Two types of superficials peels are indicated as treatments:

  • Superficial peel with glycolic acid
  • Superficial peel with Vitamin A Acide

In both cases, it will be necessary to carry out 3 to 4 sessions spaced 15 days.

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4) Spots: Since 20 years old, the main issue for Black skins

Mechanism and cause

The spot may be the product of any skin inflammation. Indeed, each operates on the same mechanism by stimulating the production of melanin and generating a transient hyperpigmentation.

The reasons that can be cited are eczema, acne, alcohol-based care, rubbing, itching, insect bites, scars after minor cuts, burns or wounds, or even an ingrown hair (hair growing under the skin and deviating from its trajectory by injuries due to multi-blade cutting the hair too short, the waxing hair pulling, but also on naturally curly hair skins) .

Simple gestures of prevention:

  • Sunscreen SPF 15
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Do not perforate the buttons
  • Do not shave too often, disinfect and gentle exfoliation

Medical treatments, regarding the evolution:

The basic treatment chosen by the physician may be:

  • A medium peel combining several active ingredients: salicylic acid, mandelic acid, vitamin A acid and followed by a daily treatment at home for a month; OR
  • Laser sessions of Diode or YAG whose wavelengths are poorly absorbed by the melanin, thus avoiding the risk of burning.

In all cases, it is necessary to apply a rigorous sunscreen during the following weeks in order to avoid pigment rebound.

In case of failure of the treatments, the solution will go through a deep phenol peel named “Exopeel”.

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In any case, it always helps to make permanent hair removal sessions to virtually reduce to 0 the risk of ingrown hair formation.

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